Price and review of the Xiaomi handheld vacuum Cleaner 2020

Xiaomi in 2020 seeks to shake the electronic market and go after the great weapons of consumer electronics. They have competed with Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and now they are competing with a giant of consumer goods that nobody thought they would face and that is Dyson.

The Xiaomi handheld vacuum Cleaner is one of the most valued vacuum cleaners in 2020 and they compete directly with Dyson vacuum cleaners. In this review of the Xiaomi handheld vacuum Cleaner you will discover how to use the product and see if it is worth buying or not.

The Xiaomi handheld vacuum is one of the most valued vacuum cleaners in 2020 and they compete directly with Dyson vacuum cleaners

Can it be the Dyson vacuum alternative? I think.

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner comes with the handheld vacuum Cleaner  four types of brush heads for various types of cleaning, charging cable, mountable charging base for easy charging and instruction manuals on how to operate the device.

Xiaomi vacuum cleaner specifications

Xiaomi vacuum cleaner specifications

Xiaomi handheld vacuum Cleaner design

The design of the Xiaomi  handheld vacuum Cleaner is quite interesting. It is a mixture of a juicer with a saw handle at the end and a nozzle to clean things. It seems futuristic, but the most important thing is that it is functional.

All items are removable, which we will reach in the section below.

How to use the Xiaomi handheld vacuum Cleaner

There is a start button inside the handle that you must keep pressed if you want the vacuum to continue working. There is a maximum button on the top of the handle within reach of your thumb. The start button held simultaneously with the maximum button gives you the maximum suction that the toughest dust can suck.

But when the Max button is used for a continuous period of time, a considerable amount of battery power is lost.

The vacuum container containing dust and garbage is transparent. So you can see when the trash section is full. There is a small button that you can press to open that container.

You can easily empty the content in a few seconds. Each and every one of the components belonging to the garbage collection can be eliminated. The container that contains the dust and the filters and the other components. All of them can be washed with water separately.

It is easy to disassemble and replace at the same time. There are no problems here. The handheld vacuum comes with four brushes and a large extension rod. You can use the brush heads with the extension rod if you want to clean the floor or places in the house that you cannot easily reach.

If you want to clean sofas and easily accessible sections of the house, then you don’t need the extension bar. We will discuss the different types of brushes

Price – $ 182

Soft Velvet Electric Brush

This electric brush basically rolls and helps clean the floor. This is good to clean the dust or the crude that there is. It is useful for cleaning some basic stains and some dust or even hair. You can also clean with water with this brush.

Dust removal

The second brush is dedicated to dust removal. This is another rotary cleaner that is mainly used to clean dust from the sofa and the bed. The hairs of this cleaner are harder, which means that it is perfect for cleaning the sofa or bed.

Traditional brush

The traditional brush is when you brush things while the suction sucks the dust. This is perfect to clean up any spillage or your keyboard.

Cravice nozzle

The cracking nozzle is probably the most important brush that comes with the Xiaomi vacuum. This is perfect for cleaning corners, spaces between sofas, inside closets and more.

The combination of these four brushes make this a super impressive cleaning device.

It weighs about 1.5 kg and is very easy to transport, light and super powerful at the same time.

The sound of Xiaomi’s vacuum cleaner sounds futuristic like the landing of a spaceship. It’s not annoying like old handheld vacuum Cleaner that are super loud.

Price – $ 182

How effective is the Xiaomi handheld vacuum Cleaner?

If you want to know what you can clean. The Xiaomi vacuum can clean most things very well, except that it fights the types of dust that get stuck in the vacuum. For example, paper and cat hair are jammed.

You can vacuum thick debris like cigarette butts too. It is quite effective, I must say.

How much can you vacuum in a single load?
160 square meters of cleaning per charge.

How is the vacuum loaded?

It has a charging port. As it is electric, you can prepare the dock and charge it.

Price – $ 182

The Xiaomi handheld vacuum is an amazing product. It is super effective, light and powerful. It is absolutely worth your money since you can replace your other single-use vacuum cleaners.


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