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Xbox Scorpio against a PC Gaming: this is what costs you a PC with the same power

The war between consoles and PC is growing. Xbox Scorpio bets all by pure raw power to get the promise of the game 4K to 60p. Can there be response from the PC world? How much would it cost to have a gaming PC with the same technical capacity?

The PC Gaming configuration equivalent to Scorpio Xbox Project Scorpio Vs. PS4 Pro

Just to know the specifications of Scorpio, an advance more than expected and that does not do more than want to know the final product, we wondered. How much would it cost to mount an equivalent gaming PC? Logically we are talking about different platforms and there are no direct equivalences in all the sections , but we can approximate enough knowing that those differences are there.

The fact that they are different platforms must be added that Microsoft and AMD have worked hand in hand to have unique hardware and optimized for Xbox games. No less important is the fact that Microsoft has worked directly with AMD to have a completely customized Scorpio hardware and very important, optimized to get all the performance with the games of the platform of Microsoft and with many changes that reduce latency and performance between CPU and GPU.

Scorpio’s SoC has as its main technical data the combination of a GPU of 40 computing units at 1172 MHz with 12 GB of GDDR5 memory (326 GB / s bandwidth ) and an 8-core X86 CPU at 2.3 GHz (4 MB of L2 cache) which has already become clear that they are not Ryzen for economic reasons.

To give us an idea, at the processor level, the equivalent in kernels could be the Intel i7-6900K to 3.2 Ghz that comes for more than 1000 euros , or Ryzen 7, the 1700 that comes for about 350 euros .

If we want something more adjusted in price and that meets the requirements to play on a PC, we would stay with the current king in the PC world, the Core i7-7700K that comes out for just over 300 euros and, despite its 4 cores , Compensates with high operating frequency. And very attentive to the future Ryzen 5 because they could enter into this struggle thanks to their power / price ratio, which gives us an idea of why the price of this Scorpio may not be triggered.

The contribution of AMD in the hardware of Scorpio is not only important in the part of gross power but in obtaining the same without firing the price, as it happens with its Ryzen of consumption

The rest of the necessary components should not be overlooked. Input will require a power supply, motherboard, RAM, Blu-Ray drive and storage, which all point to it will be at least 1TB and possibly SSD .

Without knowing the design and final configuration of Scorpio, what with this advance is more than clear is that it will be the most powerful console ever created . In our comparison with the main rivals has become clear.

Those 6 TFLOPS (40 computing units with a working frequency of 1,172 MHz) of which Scorpio presumed would have a world-wide equivalent of the classic GPUs in the GTX 1070 , which offers 6.5 TFLOPS and has 8 GB of GDDR5 memory. Its price is above 450 euros . In the world AMD the closest is the RX 480 with 5.8 TFLOPS and price of 265 euros and, as a data, only offers 36 units of computation.

Regarding the GDDR5 memory, although they are 12 GB, only 8 GB can be exploited by developers, as Microsoft reserves 4 GB for the system to run smoothly.

Something really impressive is the bandwidth , key for that 4K to 60p in a fluid way. They are 326 GB / s that are far above the 256 GB / s of the Nvidia 1070 or the 224 GB / s of the AMD model. If we had to match that bandwidth on a PC, the budget would skyrocket because it only offers the GTX 1080 (320 GB / s) and with a price above 600 euros . By balance our choice is the GTX 1070.


The possible price of the Xbox Scorpio seems very tight for what it will be able to offer. But a Gaming PC is not limited to entertainment and in the future we will be able to update it

With these specifications, the Xbox Scorpio is not expected to come down to $ 500. When we think about whether it is expensive or not, we can compare the great configuration that Microsoft has managed to introduce in it, but without forgetting that, beyond the game and the multimedia world, its possibilities are more limited than a PC , however much we devote Most of the time to play.

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