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The Xbox remote control is designated by mistake

The Xbox One continues their good sales figures we saw in the early days of its release but not Microsoft seems to have relaxed and it seems to be looking for improvements and even new devices to market. One of these devices could be a remote control to manage eg multimedia content stored on the console.
The Xbox One remote image appeared on the Net only takes a few moments
This remote control could be seen in the last hours of accident and is very similar to the device we all have in our home and handled with an ordinary television.

The remote image appeared on the Net only takes a few moments and someone from Microsoft must have realized the mistake and quickly withdrew hastily although many media able to capture the image and which we offer leading this article.

This new device for the Xbox One will be released on March 4 with a price of $ 22.69, about 16.67 euros and surely be a bestseller given its price and the comfort it can give all owners of the new Microsoft consoles.

Do you find useful remote control of this type to manage your Xbox One console?

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