Wooden charging station for Apple Watch and iPhone

The catchall Wooden charging station for Apple Watch and iPhone is the latest addition to the props Pad & Quill. There is a loading dock entirely of wood. Featuring a simple design, it can charge two Apple devices, with ease.

wooden charging station for iphone

With its dedicated compartments the Wooden charging station can accommodate an iPhone and an Apple Watch. The remaining space can be used as storage for storing keys, jewelry or small items. Handmade, the loading dock is carved from a single piece of wood. The iPhone compartment is large enough to fit any type of brand model with apple. Support for the Watch, meanwhile, can be folded for easy transport. Charging is done by magnetic induction and just put it on the dedicated station.

nice wooden charging station for iphone
The accessory comes in three different models including one in American cherry wood, another wooden African mahogany and the last walnut. The price varies from 99 to 139 USD depending on the type of wood chosen.


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