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Asus Wireless Duo: wireless storage for smartphones

The Taiwanese company has introduced a storage device specially designed to share content with and between smartphones namely the Asus Wireless Duo. The new Asus Wireless Duo is ideal for those looking for a high capacity external storage without any need for cables.

This Asus draft is based on communication. Summing it is an external hard drive with WiFi connectivity, allowing it to connect to one or more smartphones at the same time. As such, it also serves as an access point to exchange content between different mobile phones, and of course, tablets.

wireless storage for smartphones Asus Wireless Duo

Internal Battery included

Asus has wanted from the first moment, the absence of wires is absolute and total in the Asus Wireless Duo. As such, this external hard drive also installed an internal battery that allows a continuous exchange of data over a period of more than six hours. The battery is recharged in the same way that you can pass data at high speed, thanks to the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity. Being compatible with Windows, Android and iOS, for battery charging only need to connect the external drive to a computer, or with an external charger.

While it is true that with the WiFi connectivity data can be passed from one computer to the hard drive wirelessly, Asus has equipped with USB 3.0 connectivity to the device for the transfer to be as quick as possible. It is available with 500 GB or 1 TB storage.

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