Windows Phone Mango, available from this autumn

Windows Phone Mango has been officially announced by Microsoft

Windows Phone Mango has been officially announced by Microsoft. As expected, WP Mango has over 500 new features, although not all have been released in today.

Windows Phone Mango, expanding the limits of experience on intelligent communication and Internet applications.

Here is a list of important developments that are in WP Mango:

  • Internet Explorer 9 with full hardware acceleration and support for HTML5
  • Intelligent multi-tasking, that allows users to easily switch between applications, and those applications can run in the background
  • Groups – contacts can now be grouped into custom tiles
  • Users can change text in the chat in Facebook and Windows Live Messenger
  • Greater integration of social networks, including enhanced support for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Better search in Bing

Existing users Windows Phone 7 can upgrade their devices to handle free.

As mentioned before, Mango will be released sometime this fall.

During the coming weeks and months we will be knowing more about this new system called Mango.

via:  UnwiredView


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