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Western Digital will release a new storage device hybrid hard disk

Western Digital has announced that it is developing a hybrid hard disk designed for ultrabooks of a fineness of only 5 mm, a thickness that will create Ultrathin (below what we already know). This HDD combine therein a flash memory and a conventional optical memory to combine a higher speed with a substantial storage capacity, which in this case come to 500 GB.

Western Digital will release a new storage device hybrid hard disk

For now we are in an earlier stage of development of this new hybrid hard disk designed to work in the bowels of an ultrabook, a new type of thin and powerful laptop sponsored by Intel and has one of its low-voltage processors. These laptops are called to be the future of computers segment, although sales are still not meeting the expectations of manufacturers and supplier of chips. It is expected that the output of Windows 8 could become an impetus to make these teams a force in the market weight.

This new hybrid hard disk from Western Digital, which still do not know the name, incorporate a hybrid technology that allows you to combine a smaller flash memory with a traditional memory in which to store heavier files. In memory Flash integrates the operating system and data to routinely will agree, favoring an increase in the speed of access to frequently used applications and files. This system of tiered storage, a concept that is often used in business. The hybrid storage has already been used in several ultrabooks but until a hand was put dual system of two discs (a little size SSD and a traditional hard drive).

Benefits of hybrid storage system

One of the advantages opt for a hybrid system in a single disc (as well as by the obvious improvement in the space to be only a disc) is located in the redundancy. The data stored in the flash memory are copied to the traditional memory to keep them safe and reduce the wear that occurs in the data. The size that this new device will have Western Digital will be 500 GB and the company has announced a price that will be reduced to a tenth of current SSDs of the same size.

The new design of this album will reach a very interesting finesse 5 mm, compared with most hard drives today have a thickness of 9.5 millimeters (also developed devices 7 millimeters in recent months). In short, this hybrid hard disk can become a good option in the market, but we still have to know the price they will have this team and the specifics of their performance.

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