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Western Digital updates its My Passport line with fast NVMe SSDs

Western Digital has unveiled a new series of products to add to its popular My Passport line of external hard drives . In fact, the new WD My Passport SSDs offer a large storage capacity in portable format and an extremely fast data transfer speed guaranteed by the transition to NVMe SSDs .

Western Digital The My Passport case has certainly been specially designed for users on the go
According to Western Digital, the new My Passports nearly double the speeds of previous editions, reaching up to 1,050MB / s reading and 1,000MB / s writing , while the maximum capacity goes up to 2TB . Users can also easily secure their data using the 256-bit password-protected encryption protocol .

The My Passport case has certainly been specially designed for users on the go, which is ideal for a portable drive. The chassis is resistant to vibration and shock, according to Western Digital, and the company claims the SSD can survive drops of up to 1.98m . The My Passport drive supports the USB 3.2 protocol and comes with a USB-C cable and a USB-A adapter . For best results, of course, we recommend using a USB 3.0 port whenever possible.

Western Digital sells My Passport with a 5-year limited warranty in various colors and is already available at major retailers such as Amazon in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes.

Last month we also told you about Western Digital regarding the technologies used in its high-capacity hard drives. In fact, the manufacturer’s new Gold series hard drives, capable of storing 16TB or 18TB of data, stand out from the others as they are the first to use ePMR (Energy-assisted PMR) technology. Finally, a couple of months ago, WD launched Red Plus drives , intended for specific use with NAS systems. The new HDDs have replaced the previous WD Red range and, in addition to being more expensive, only feature Conventional Magnetic Recording discs, better known as CMRs.

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