Turn your iPhone into a tape recorder

Thanks to a device that is added on top of the phone call Tascam iM2, you have a professional audio recorder without using another device, just your iPhone.

Although the applications store, App Store has several apps for recording voice notes before appearing this equipment, some have poor-quality audio capture, beyond the effects or EQ to have. For lovers of good sound quality, it will be very helpful.

Tascam IM2 integrates two condenser microphones

The Tascam IM2 integrates two condenser microphones, DAC and amplifier, to result in a very interesting device, because it gets to 125 dB, i.e. you can take to the lowest whisper. These microphones are also addressable and can rotate 360 degrees for comfort.

In turn, this unit is added in the iPhone via USB port, which serves to charge your mobile phone, ideal for long recordings without getting low battery and having to stop to charge. It also supports to record video with the iPhone in order to provide higher quality audio to any footage you to do with the phone, getting to produce professional videos with just a iPhone and Tascam iM2.

produce professional videos with just a iPhone and Tascam iM2

This device is highly recommended for those working recording notes, such as journalists, as they do not need anything more than the phone and add a small platform on top. This is more than interesting, because in this way, you no longer need to walk around with several devices, think about charging the battery of one or other or need to edit the optimal audio quality.

Source: Journal iPhone


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