TOSHIBA AT 200 is now available with lower price

If you are interested in buying a tablet Toshiba AT 200, you are probably glad to know that its price will be 20% lower from now. In addition, it will proceed to updating to Android 4.0 ICS, which makes it a more attractive device.

TOSHIBA AT 200 is now available with best deals

Probably lower the price was the only alternative left to Toshiba if he wanted his tablet could be compared with the iPad, which equal price is preferred by most users. Now the price of this tablet will be a little cheaper, about 399 euros, and will have the added attraction of being able to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes it an interesting alternative.

The announcement of the fall in price has coincided with the publication in various media of some data on sales of the latest gadgets launched by the brand in recent months. That, incidentally, if you study them in context there are – in economic crisis in which you live – more than acceptable: IT division has grown into a market that is plummeting, with a semester may marking a drop of 30%, and is suffering less than other brands the drop in TV sales.

The price cut for this tablet is now stands as one of the finest and light that you can find on the market, and also economic in price makes it very appealing.


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