Toshiba announces new printer with erasable toner

Despite the advances in technology and the inclusion of portable devices in the corporate sector, the paperless office is still not a reality as many expected. As a result, Toshiba has taken a new approach to reduce costs by creating a system by which the normal printer paper, once printed can be erased and re-use for at least 5 times.

Toshiba announces new printer with erasable toner

The idea is based on the same technology FriXion erasable pens, both used to heat the ink loses its color. With feathers, heat is produced by friction, with the machine, use is made of a heating element.

Unfortunately, the new toner printers only work with specially made, Toshiba, of course. To accomplish this recycling of paper, you not only need a machine, but a whole system.

The first piece of equipment is a special printer that works like any other, except it uses the new erasable ink. Then, to remove the ink and paper, insert the paper printed on another device called appropriately enough, draft. The paper comes out the other end looking like new.

Each piece of paper can be passed through the draft five times, which could dramatically reduce the role that is disposed in the offices, and at the same time save money. The draft is able to detect how many times a page has been sent through it automatically and sent to a separate compartment if it has exceeded the allowable amount. In addition, for those who like to add handwritten comments in your paper, having been made with FriXion pen, these marks can be erased as well.

The initial demonstration version of the new system allows only printing blue ink, but Toshiba says it is working on a way to use other colors too.


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