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Tips for choosing the perfect Home Cinema

Do you want to experience the dreamlike experience of movie theaters in your living room
Do you want to experience the dreamlike experience of movie theaters in your living room? The Home Cinema will become the perfect ally to achieve it. Then we bring you some fundamental keys in which you should look at when buying home cinema.

The instant when Sauron’s unique ring was destroyed on Mount Doom, the seconds before the Death Star explodes into a thousand pieces, the decisive battle between the young wizard Harry Potter and the unnamed Lord Voldemort, the tragic sinking of the Titanic through the eyes of Rose and Jack Dowson or the moment when the Ark of the Alliance is open to unleash all its fury are some of the scenes that you can live in an epic and immersive way with a good home cinema.

This entertainment system, born in the mid-nineties, became an experience for the senses, giving us the opportunity to experience emotions that we have only experienced on the big screen.

The sector of sound devices for home theater is one of the most complex, given that the very diverse models and existing brands, we must add some features that may be difficult to understand.

Keys to consider when buying a home cinema

Choosing the perfect home cinema is not a simple task if we really want to live a unique experience every time we watch our series and favorite movies. However, we can follow some fundamental keys such as those specified below:

-One of the first questions we must ask ourselves is whether we are going to use our home cinema daily or, on the contrary, in a more spaced or punctual way throughout the month. If we are going to use it every day, the most convenient option is to use a sound source or sound bar. Although they may be of lower quality than others such as multichannel amplifiers or A / V receivers, the truth is that they consume very little energy and are designed to work for many hours at a time.

On the contrary, if we are going to use our home cinema only for a more specific view, dedicated only during the weekends, for example, in those cases, we should opt for the aforementioned multichannel amplifiers , in addition to the speakers separately.

-We must take into account, when choosing the home cinema, is that there are many different types of systems. In this sense, we can highlight the 2.1 system, formed by three speakers, left and right channel, and a subwoofer designed for the most serious sounds. Likewise, we have the 5.1 system, which is made up of a total of five loudspeakers, to which there are five channels that independently treat a specific range of frequencies. It is presented as one of the most demanded and standard systems, both for the production of titles and films designed for this format and for a wide assortment of compatible players.

Adding two more speakers to the previous system, we have the 7.1 and that is often used for video games, an area in which sound effects play a very important role. In systems 7.2 , a subwoofer is added in the back with respect to the 7.1. For systems 9.1 two loudspeakers are added to the ceiling (although they can also be included in the front) and in 9.2 a subwoofer is added to the previous system.

-With regard to the power of the amplifier , we must take into account the actual watts of the device that can supply the channels. The wider the room where we are going to install it, the higher the watts should be.

– With regard to decoders , the home cinema chosen must be able to translate into sound the main standards of the market. At least you should try to achieve it with the majority. One of them is Dolby Digital, a format widely used in DVD, Blue Ray and digital television; the Dolby Digital EX with an extended channel 6.1, since it includes six audio channels and a channel of low frequency effects; the DTS , an optional format that adds separate channels for sound effects; Dolby Pro Logic , which creates an enveloping sound from two channels that transforms into four; THX-Certified, a kind of certification that confirms that our team meets the minimum requirements.

-With regard to connections, when choosing the home cinema, we must remember that the most important for a perfect model are, for example, RCA , which uses separate audio channels for stereo, usually differentiated by black color or red; or XLR , a type of balanced professional audio connector.

-With regard to the speakers , we highlight the basics such as the front (located on the left and right of the screen). In these cases, the amplitude and distribution of the room must be taken into account to avoid rebounds and sound distortions. On the other hand, the central speakers offer intensity and power to the main sound channels of a film. Along with these we can find equipment for a more immersive experience with rear speakers , located behind the listeners. There are also side surround speakers, which require a small range of emission and are not so important when choosing a device.

– On the other hand, the subwoofer is the one that will grant us the lowest registers of sound. We can find them with two technologies: passive, less and less common because they lack an internal amplifier. We also have active models , which use both digital and analog sound filters.

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