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The PS4 console will be released in Europe on November 29

The news that all fans of Sony wanted to know, and especially those who were interested in buying the new console PlayStation 4, is its market launch date. Sony has announced this news at Gamescom 2013, the console will go on sale in the European market on November 29 at a price of 399 euros. Americans can enjoy the machine since some time before the U.S. market will be released on November 15 at a price of $ 399.

Those who buy the console will receive a PlayStation Plus subscription so they can discover the benefits of the service for 14 days. This means that they will have direct access for free to two games from the popular Instant Game Collection. It is clear that those conducting the activation of a one-year subscription before September 29 will receive 90 days free of charge.

For impatient users, those who make the purchase of new Christmas campaign games from Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros PlayStation 3 will also be available on PS4, will be able to download for the new console digital version to a cost around 10 euros. This will seek to increase sales of the PlayStation 3 games not decrease and that the public can still have fun with these games in the next console.

Sony has announced this news at Gamescom 2013, the console will go on sale

Sony, at E3 2013 was all set with regard to the preparation of its release but stumbling over because of an important factor, its catalog of games. From a list of 15 games available in stores, only has three new exclusive games PS4 console, and are three games of the own company Sony.

For some time there was not a catalog of releases so poor, even worse than the catalog of the PlayStation 3, which also caused great anger. In the past the incredible launch day PlayStation 2 that large shelves filled with original games and with very good quality. What remains to Sony is relying on independent productions and digital, and is an issue that is not going to guarantee a future livelihood.

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