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The Nintendo Switch Mini could arrive this summer

The Nintendo Switch represents as always the most peculiar console among the three world leaders in the world of video games. Since it went on sale its catalog has been growing and has even had innovation in terms of gameplay. The main feature with which Nintendo sells this device is the fact that it is a hybrid console to play both outside and inside the home, and that it attracted the attention of many users.

For some time there has been speculation about a cheaper Nintendo Switch called Nintendo Switch Mini because it would have somewhat smaller dimensions to be able to afford a more adjusted price trying to reach a much wider audience.

Among the features that would dispense this new console compared to its older sister would be the elimination of the joycons in the box – although they would be compatible wirelessly for the multiplayer – there would not be an included dock for this so the feature is also lost Hybrid becomes a portable console.

Everything points to the E3 2019 fair to be held in Los Angeles from June 11 to 13, will be the key to unveil the new proposals of Nintendo Switch

This information collected by Bloomberg also indicates that this mini console and even a newer version of the normal version will be revealed in the next E3 2019 to be held on June 11 and 13, 2019. About the renewal in the normal console it is mentioned that the changes will not suppose any improvement according to the graphic power of the Nintendo Switch.

With all the excitement of Google Stadia, it seems that this new entertainment system would not come alone or alone, we would have two versions. One more economic with the name of “Mini or Lite” and another one, with the name of “Pro or XL”. The first version of this video game came in 2017 and won the majority of Nintendo fans and thousands of children who ask for Christmas. It is a portable or desktop system to play on the TV at home and that gives more versatility to a more childish public and of course, also to the house daddies.

Two new models for the next E3 2019

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal , specifically via Gamespot we have known that Nintendo plans to renew its most famous console at the moment, but not only would we have a new version of the Nintendo Switch but we would have two models which would arrive for this summer . There is much talk of a cheaper version and a more premium version without losing compatibility with the games now.

What will the Nintendo Switch of 2019 look like?

According to the access that WSJ has had to developers’ documents, we would have a more stylized version with more and better screen than the current one. The most basic model (mini or lite) would eliminate the vibration motor and other internal details of the console to reduce costs and focus on a more childish and economic audience . As a first Game Boy or contact for children. The “Pro” version obviously would not be like the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X in power, but it will have more power than the current Switch and possibly more screen with 4K resolution and without just frames.

As we have summarized, they will not be a step consoles or with a simple renovation but, they will bring new features and features never seen before in other consoles of their moledo or hybrid style. For the screen with more inches would have the Japanese provider of Sharp Corporation , but would still not include the OLED. They would carry an LCD screen (liquid crystal). The games are still in the air, but it is speculated that both consoles have an exclusive game of Pokémon for the most fanboys of the saga, will they be the new Pokémon Shield and Sword?

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