The latest release of Acer Z and Veriton Z series Computer

The Taiwanese company unveiled two new series of desktop computers of 4 in 1 compact type. They belong to the series Z and Veriton Z.

The latest release of Acer Z and Veriton Z series Computer
These machines are aimed at different audiences: on the home user looking for something on the other economic and professional needs the stability and productivity.
For the former, the Z series comes with touch screen, with chips from Intel and AMDS and for the second Veriton Z range with fine graphics and more powerful processors.
Home computers come under the name AZ and are two computers, both designed for young people who want to interact with the computer, touch panel. The Acer AZ5 comes with full HD 23-inch multi-touch, Sandy Bridge processor with Intel dual-core, 4 GB of DDR3 memory and 1 TB storage.
The Z3 Acer is also multitouch 1080p, but with 20 inch Pentium Llano series dual core at 2.7 Ghz dual nuclear and 500 GB of storage.
For professionals, the firm also has designed only two devices, they have advanced features but problems with HD displays.
However, the model Acer Veriton Z2620G has a 20-inch screen, Intel Core i5-2400S, with graphics of Sandy Bridge. If you have to pay a significant money, but it’s worth spending.
Its partner is Acer Z290G Veritron somewhat cheaper, and still many specifications are not known, but it would have a processor Intel Atom dual core and an Intel HD 3000 Series.
All four models in one of Acer come with operating system Windows 8 and is not officially confirmed when they will be released, and neither the markets they are targeting.


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