The iPad 3 might be available February 24

Technology and gadgets analysts say, the long-awaited  Apple tablet may be coming to stores in two or three months.


Foxconn will begin in January, making this new generation of Apple tablets

This information was announced in a publication DigiTimes, which discusses the possibility of having the new version of the tablet of the signing of the block on 24 February.

The main reason for that is published this date is that the components to develop this gadget and would be sent and the components of its predecessor, the iPad 2, are in marked decline.

While it is not known specifically what are the components that require this tablet, it is estimated that will have a Retina display and a processor different from the one used in the future iPhone 5.

According to a Citigroup Global Markets analyst Kevin Chang, Foxconn will begin in January, making this new generation of Apple tablets, so the first delivery of equipment could be the end of February.

It should be noted that the production figures that are handled in Cupertino for the iPad 3 are located close to the 10 million items. The market strategy coincides with a reduction in the number of devices available in tablet iPad 2, which will be 5 million handsets.

On the other hand, this date (24 febrereo) seems very sensible for a release so important, since that day, the company founder, the late Steve Jobs, would have turned 57. Thus, analysts do not rule out is another way to honor this genius again.

But removing the sentimental, others believe that this date is chosen as an economic strategy of the company, as it is near the first anniversary of the launch of the iPhone 2 and the second from the first of the series.


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