Spy Gadgets

The electronic sweep as an effective spy equipment, Research techniques

Electronic Sweep is the most important security countermeasure to use as an spy equipment. This spy gadget consists of the systematic search for active espionage devices, intrusive information gathering systems, eavesdropping and telephone pricking systems.

The Spy Electronic Sweeps that are carried out are based on procedures that follow a scientific methodology and must be developed by qualified personnel and with technical teams adapted for such purposes.

At the end of the Spy Sweep, a detailed technical report must be submitted with the procedure performed, as well as comments, conclusions and recommendations.

Applications of Spy Sweep

The Electronic Sweep is applied as a preventive measure in meeting rooms and offices where important and confidential meetings and interviews are going to take place, in environments where people who, due to personal or work conditions, are susceptible to theft procedures. of information.

As a secondary measure in the face of suspicion or indication of information leakage, the recommendation to expand the environments to be analyzed is applied in these cases, whether they are secretarial rooms, vehicles, telephone exchanges, mobile phones and homes.

Based on the constant study of espionage devices, our own research and our experience, we have developed an Electronic Sweep procedure that guarantees the safety of the environments being analyzed.
spy equipment

Scanning procedures of Spy Sweep

1. Radio frequency spectrum analysis. Search for audio and video signals in wide and narrow band (spy transmitters and receivers of listening spy equipment and video cameras). Search for mobile phone broadcasts.
2. Telephone line analysis. Check for voltage drop and oscillations. Search for interventions using electronic component detection online (own research). PBX analysis with specific software.
3. Analysis of the electrical network. Verification of use as an information transmission line. Detection of infiltrated emissions.
4. Specialized physical inspection. Systematic review of the environment carried out by specialized personnel with professional equipment in the search and physical detection of hidden spy equipment.

Through this procedure, audio, video transmissions, cameras, hidden microphones, cables and power supplies, vulnerability in computer and network security, intruder systems in telephone switchboards and registration systems in the telephone line must be detected.

General recommendations

(Factors to take into account when arranging such spy equipment electronic scanning or control services).

Call a company with experience in electronic cleaning and control.
Contact the client outside the suspected controlled environment.
Do not contact by fax or email of the company or address.
Maintain absolute confidentiality, advising the client to know as few people as possible, even if we are told that they are highly trustworthy.
Always carry out cleaning in hours when no one is around and they control us the least.
If the service is performed with people, we will try to make them think that we are a technical or maintenance or repair service.
If the environment to be controlled is carried out periodically, we will take into account shielding some areas and technical equipment that, for safety, nobody should ever know how they have been carried out.

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