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Telematics systems for cars

We are getting closer to having our cars the same technology we have in our homes or offices. Utilities that are available today are: telematics systems, the connection with multiple devices, services in the cloud, surf the internet with the same operating system of the car and remote access.

Telematics systems for cars

Yet they are not in a massive way, depend on the model and brand, but surely in the future all cars bring them. Cars with operating system including

This helps us to manage many functions within the vehicle. The most common are:

Telematics systems for cars

Windows Embedded (or Microsoft Auto) Nissan LEAF for the model, which is 100% electric.

Meego Linux in BMW Car, developed by Nokia and Intel.

Android from Google, for the model of Chevrolet Volt and the Opel Ampera, among others.

Features and functions

Among the most important aims of operating systems for cars are:

-Playing music files in various formats.

-Telephone with hands-free system Bluetooth and synchronization agenda.

-GPS navigation, weather information and current traffic.

-Help for emergencies or accidents.

-Track and trace the vehicle in case of theft.

Reading of news, web surfing.

Reception of mails and text messages.

-Join the exclusive social networks for cars , as in the case of Toyota.

In short, it’s like having a computer in our car with some extra features and support that are used on the route, such as GPS or data traffic.

In the case of social networks, is used to generate different rankings between users, such as better driver, lower consumption, and so on.

Models available with this technology

Here are some from the factory that already have operating systems including:

BMW Connected Drive

Hyundai Blue-Link

Ford Sync with Myford Touch.

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