Technical specification and Analysis of the Nexus 7 tablet

After positioning in the large market of smartphones with the Nexus family with Android operating system, Google will attack juicier sector in recent months, that of the tablets.

Technical specification and Analysis of the Nexus 7 tablet
The first bet of the company is called Nexus 7 tablet and presented during the last Google I / O. It is manufactured by the company ASUS, which has done a great job. Releases latest version of Android, 4.1 and is already on sale so online. In the coming days will be available in stores.

Choosing Google has been creating its own model with the help of an outside manufacturer (ASUS in this case), in addition to the latest release of its OS. Provides an excellent finish and combines two features inseparable: 7 inches in size and affordable price.

While some still prefer the larger models (9 to 10 inches) this tablet is very comfortable and lightweight, ideal for carrying to and fro. It has a screen bright and spacious with a shot under plastic pretending to be metal. In the rear, with materials pleasant to touch, you can appreciate the quality of the device.

In terms of connections, the bottom is the microUSB port (for charging) and headphone output. On the right side there is a port for accessories. We can also find the power button and the volume.

One has a camera, front, for video calling. Not be opened, place cards microSD or change the battery, and also provides video output. It weighs only 340 grams (a little more than the Kindle Fire) and its thickness is 10.45 mm.

The panel is touch and IPS with resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels, with a density of 213 ppi. The icons and texts are sharp. The price, which many will want to know, is 200 euros.


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