Technical features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung is going all out this year. Sales of Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 have spurred the mood of the firm South Korea, with sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is receiving another major boost not only confirm the good health in the figures of the multinational, which for the last quarter may have returned to spray its own sales record. Here is a detail technical features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Technical features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

At that, it is not surprising that the Seoul-based company is swollen with confidence to tighten the nuts a little more competition, looking especially deposited on the unreleased iPhone 5. In this sense, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is anticipated as a major workhorse.

With the support that comes from knowing that the first edition of phablet or mobile-tablet enjoyed a wide acceptance by the public; more than seven million units sold in this device so initialed, the company submitted in September the second generation of this terminal.

We knew that among the new features in store for the Galaxy Note 2 reserves the presence of a 5.5-inch panel, which would increase its size relative to that seen in the inaugural version of this device, the Samsung Galaxy Note carries a Super HD AMOLED display 5.3 inches. It was also noted that the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 online play in the continuity of what is seen with the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, over half Korean MK we have obtained new details about the next phone call signature tablet.

For starters, an open secret: the operating system. The company does not think and will focus on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean native. This can be interpreted as good news in two directions. On the one hand, for obvious reasons: it would take to walk to the schedule in hand to know when we could have the latest from Google for smart phones , with this from the time they get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 of the box .

On the other, gives clues to the roadmap plans the company within its program updates, as considering that this Galaxy Note 2would have a similar technical profile to the Galaxy Samsung S3, it would be difficult to say that the dates it goes on sale next mobile-tablet, the current high-end firm may already have Android 4.1, or be prepared for an imminent update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not repeat such an offense in the technology dual-core processor, as was noted at the outset. In contrast, the heart of the device would be a quad-core chip would run along the lines seen in the Galaxy S3 speak for the Exynos 4 Quad. The camera, meanwhile, would have twelve or thirteen megapixel resolution, as pointing from MK, but at this point the rumor does not have it all if you consider the precedent that was already evident with the current high end.


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