HTC Kaixuan: first Smartphone 7.5 for Windows Phone China

HTC Kaixuan first Smartphone 7.5 for Windows Phone China

HTC has everything ready to launch the first smartphone with Windows Phone 7 at home. The new HTC smartphone will be launched at the moment only in China, making a move that eventually will also introduce in this country with… Continue Reading


Windows Phone Mango, available from this autumn

Windows Phone Mango has been officially announced by Microsoft. As expected, WP Mango has over 500 new features, although not all have been released in today. Windows Phone Mango, expanding the limits of experience on intelligent communication and Internet applications.… Continue Reading


Microsoft Windows 8 will arrive next year (2012)

Microsoft Windows 8 will be released in 2012. Developer’s Forum (Tokyo), the CEO of Microsoft (Steve Ballmer) said they are working hard on the next version of Windows, due out next year. As for upcoming features, mentioned that the next… Continue Reading