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Specs Comparison: Nokia Asha 311 vs HTC Wildfire S

The Nordic manufacturer Nokia has just introduced new models to its family Asha, which corresponds to mid-range devices low, most notably the Nokia Asha 311, a terminal completely touch with a fairly balanced sheet. But the strength of this Nokia Asha 311 is its price, around $ 100 in free format. Nokia wants to compete in all mobile segments, from high-end Lumia family even the simplest mobile with this line Asha. One possible competitor is the HTC Wildfire S, the smartphone midrange most popular Taiwanese manufacturer that also offers interesting features like touch screen 3.2 inch platform Android and especially the five-megapixel camera.

Specs Comparison: Nokia Asha 311 vs HTC Wildfire S

Here GadgetsATZ dot Com analyzed all the features of these two models in a comparative.

Design and Display

Despite being a basic, cheap device, the Nokia Asha 311 can boast of having a simple design and sleek, which is also available in pink, brown, red white and blue so that each user can choose the one that best suits your taste. It is a fairly mobile compact and lightweight, with the battery installed weighs 95 grams. The HTC Wildfire S has a more casual look to have a fairly flat around the edges, also available in several colors (black, silver, purple and white) but not as flashy as it has chosen Nokia to their new model. The little of HTC is more compact but nevertheless its weight rises to 105 grams, a difference is not excessive but for many users this is a crucial point when choosing a smartphone.
Specs Comparison: Nokia Asha 311 vs HTC Wildfire S
The HTC scores a both have a 3.2 inch screen with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, offering fairly sharp images thanks to its concentration of 180 pixels per inch. The Nokia Asha 311 left behind in the section the screen, which is smaller and has lower resolution. Specifically the size is three inches and the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, half of his opponent. The two manufacturers have been sighted and have placed a sheet of glass resistant to scratches and bumps covering the screen, so will be more protected.


Access to Internet is a point essential, not only in high-end smartphones, but also in the most basic as is the case of these models. Both allow you to connect through 3G networks, but the Nokia Asha 311 does at a higher speed (14.4 Mbps) , while the HTC Wildfire S content to 7.2 Mbps download speed. The drawback of the network 3G is to set a limit operators of mobile data per month, at this point it is necessary to access Wi-Fi high speed to save data and so pass to sail much faster. Another of their commonalities is the port Bluetooth to share files or use accessories like headset or wireless speakers. But the biggest difference in this section comes with GPS. The HTC Wildfire S equipped with an integrated GPS that can locate you quickly. Meanwhile the Nokia Asha 311 does not have this feature and instead positioning is done by the Wi-Fi, so it is not as accurate.

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To close this section, the two terminals have the same physical connections the standard audio jack of 3.5 mm and 2.0 MicroUSB port for charging.

Camera and Multimedia

The camera of HTC Wildfire S is one of the main attractions and is imposed on the Nokia Asha 311, which has a much more modest camera. The HTC Wildfire S is a simple mobile that surprises us with its five-megapixel camera, which also has features like autofocus and LED flash to support taking pictures at night or in low light. Also records video with resolution VGA (640 x 480 pixels) at a frequency of 24 frames per second.

The Nokia Asha 311 equipped with a camera sensor 3.2 megapixel that has no autofocus (fixed) or no LED flash. However has other functions such as white balance, digital zoom lens four increases or a very light ( f/2.8). Also fails to catch up your opponent with respect to video recording, which will have a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and often stays at ten frames per second.

Both devices are very solvent at the time of playing media formats used, so there should be no problem when watching a video or listen to a song. Finally, the Nokia Asha has an FM radio tuner while the HTC Wildfire S lacks this feature.

Processor, memory and operating system

One of the strengths of Nokia Asha 311 is without doubt its power. Despite being a modest device has unveiled a one-gigahertz processor mononucleosis frequency. For its part the HTC Wildfire S equipped with a chip, also a single nucleus, with a clock speed of 600 Mhz and is also supported by 512 Mb of RAM – Nokia Asha 311 has not provided information about RAM. Such processors may seem insufficient when compared to those including high-end smartphones that in some cases they have four cores. But remember that both the Nokia Asha 311 as the HTC Wildfire S are moving more discreet that do not have such high performances, in this sense do not need a powerful engine to run too well.

Neither offers an internal memory too long, but the HTC Wildfire S is ahead by offering 512 MB of storage, while the Nokia is content with 256 Mb. How could it be otherwise, both help to increase memory MicroSD cards, which can reach a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The operating system of these two terminals is completely different, the Nokia Asha 311 comes with the platform S40 a very simple and basic, while the HTC Wildfire S bet on Android, one of the most popular mobile platforms. Both systems have an app store to decargar games or any type of content, however the Google Play on Android store is much larger. The operating system is an important point when choosing a mobile and in many cases will be decisive. Nokia S40 is more focused on users who do not want a phone with too many complications as qu and Android is more comprehensive and allows more possibilities for customization.

Range and prices

According to both manufacturers, the autonomy of these models is well matched, especially in regard to the battery when the phone is in use (approximately 7.2 hours in both cases). The Nokia Asha 311 will hold on longer when at rest, namely 781 hours, whereas HTC Wildfire S will not exceed the 570 hours.

The price is an issue to take into account and in this case the difference is quite remarkable. The Nokia Asha 311 will go on sale in free format by about 100 euros while his opponent doubles this figure and can be purchased for 200 euros.


You have seen that the HTC Wildfire S is higher in areas such as display quality and especially the camera five megapixel, two important points. The Nokia Asha 311 is something behind and the only point that stands out most is the power of your processor. But the price in their favor and is worth half that his opponent, which will undoubtedly encourage many users to buy.

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