Some UK stores are selling Apple Watch without reservation

Today a large number of users are receiving the Apple Watch, after booking a few days ago. However this controversial system of selling the new device of Cupertino could be history now and that in several boutiques in the UK are selling Apple smart watches without reservation and only hope the relevant queue.

Apple from the beginning repeatedly confirmed that Apple Watch could only be acquired by the time if previously made a reservation, but it seems that is not exactly true.

Do you think Apple will change the method of sale of Apple Watch

By now, it has been confirmed that three UK stores selling Apple Watch without reservation. These devices would be those that are left after they were delivered all devices that were reserved. Of course it is sold at the price we already knew and has not disclosed whether there is stock for all versions of Apple smart watch.

Now we must wait to see if Apple officially confirms that the sales process has changed and especially if you add to these three stores, one more than the previous book sold without Apple Watch.

Do you think Apple will change the method of sale of Apple Watch? .


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