Solowheel, a wheel to get around town

Solowheel, a wheel to get around town

Solowheel is a new means of hyper simplistic transport. It is externally like a wheel with two platforms on which they set foot. The user leans slightly forward to accelerate and backwards to slow down. The concept of equilibrium is not a concern because Solowheel incorporates a self-balancing based on gyroscopic sensors.

This 9 kg unicycle is powered by a lithium-ion 1000 W battery. Its range is two hours and refueled the load in 45 minutes.

Solowheel, a wheel to get around town

Solowheel seems more convenient than the electric bikes and segways due to a share of its size enabling it to go anywhere and its driving motor on the other. The unicycle will probably land in March and will be sold at around € 1,150.


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