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Solar Powered Dummy Camera a real fun and safety system

Having valuables is a blessing and while many may say it is a curse of the modern world. It’s great when you look what you buy, but a real pain when you care about keeping them safe.

Solar Powered Dummy Camera

Having a small business or live in a place that has a crime rate above zero, are sufficient reason to be aware of everything around you. Of course there are options, insurance, alarm systems, but these cost money, lots of money.

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An interesting and entertaining option is the Solar Powered Dummy Camera. This product unrealistic costs almost nothing to buy, let alone run, because it uses solar energy to flash the red LED (simulating a real camera). Rain or shine, day or night, the little device will sit there to deter anyone with evil thoughts. Simply screw the 3 screws and you are done.

The device is big enough and well designed to convince even the most hardened villain. You can buy such an interesting device with only 11.05 U.S. dollars (£ 6.91).

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