Smart Voice Recorder Android App

There are many application for Android that can be adapted to all kinds of situations and lead. In some situations it can be very interesting to record the audio of a meeting or conversation in order to save and store all the details accurately with names, numbers and phones.

In this way, quietly listening again to the file, you can take note of all the details provided by the customer or your friend. If you are looking for an innovative tool that allows to record in a professional manner you should definitely try Smart Voice Recorder.

It is a free application that will allow you to be integrated into your Android smartphone. At your disposal you will have a product characterized by excellent audio quality voice, voice activation, a tool dedicated to setting the threshold of noise and other special features.

with Smart Voice Recorder you can pause and automatically recording

Moreover with Smart Voice Recorder you can pause and automatically recording when the audio is below a predetermined threshold noise, thus avoiding to record anything. The main innovative features of the program are:

  • sensitivity control mode Skip Silence
  • spectrum analyzer audio
  • encoding sampling rate adjustable
  • recording in the background when the display is off
  • Instrument calibration microphone gain
  • Recording time limit of 2GB per file
  • sending / sharing registration e-mail, dropbox, etc..

Record Set ringtone, notification or alarm

Are you ready to have a professional recorder always at your fingertips? It is time to get to know in detail this innovative tool that will not disappoint your expectations.


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