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SCUF Prestige is the new Scuf Gaming controller for Xbox One

Many are the console users that over time have chosen to leave aside the control that comes standard and opt for the different options that we have at our disposal in the market, although its price is significantly higher. Once the tests, do not use the serial control again.

One of the most recognized manufacturers in the market for controls for third-party consoles is Scuf Gaming, an American company that has just launched the SCUF Prestige, a controller for Xbox One as PC and Android devices . If you want to know all the details of this new command I invite you to keep reading.

SCUF Custom Gaming Controllers

Like Microsoft does, some of its products, SCUF says it has taken into account the community and have developed a new command to meet the needs of the most demanding players adding new features that enhance the experience of playing in a console like It’s the Xbox One.

Scuf Prestige: SCUF Custom Gaming Controllers

One of the best controls currently available on the market for Xbox is the Xbox One Elite, a command developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Scuf Gaming . This new last generation command offers us a comfort and customization possibilities never seen before. Thanks to the lithium battery we can enjoy up to 30 hours continuous without having to charge the remote. In addition, it offers a customized case and an integrated non-slip case.

The Scuf Gaming has a weight of only 262 grains , thus becoming one of the lightest controls in the market. In addition, it offers us the possibility of being able to adjust the sensitivity of the triggers to the millimeter as well as the path of the subsequent blades in order to reduce the reaction time.

It comes with two additional joysticks, a 3-meter micro-USB braided cable, an electromagnetic reassignment key and a SCUF key to adjust the triggers. You can now book the Scuf Prestige through their website for 159.95 euros, although we will have to wait a few days to enjoy it, as it will be sent within 30 days after booking.

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