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Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the most spectacular smartphone under the point of view of the screen. First of all, it has one of the larger displays that can be found throughout the market, with as many as 6.2 inches diagonally. At the same time, however, it has the very reduced size compared to any other device with the same size of the display, which makes it super revolutionary. The problem is that though this curved screen, covering practically the whole front part of the device, it is highly subject to damage of any kind and size.

Display Protection Crystal Clear Invisible Samsung Galaxy

It ‘s true, the glass on the screen of this device is covered by protective Gorilla Glass 5 of Corning, but this does not mean that it is indestructible. Just a well-aimed crash, a fall or the like so that it can result in damage that could be very serious. The damage is less severe for sure a scratch or a crack on the glass that at most may minimally affect the viewing experience. But there are much more severe and debilitating that perhaps you are not even aware of. Think, for example, if you go to break the crystals of this panel: you may get a whole screen or a portion of the screen that does not display the images.

Or, you could also break the touch screen , and in this case you could not interact with the smartphone. Now with the touch screen gets pretty much everything, the physical buttons are minimized and you can not even navigate the user interface with them. Adjusting a display is often a real tragedy, because in service centers you can also ask for hundreds of Euros for replacement or just to buy the new glass. Imagine then if we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. And remember, warranty does not cover physical damage, but only internal damage and defects.

WARNING: the films themselves are not able to completely protect the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! The device absolutely necessary also a cover! Discover now the best through the following article: Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for Best protection.

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