Samsung releases 3 new watchfaces with Gear S3 features

Taking advantage of the advanced features of the new proposals and wearable set of sensors and GPS, to be addressed to all smartphones compatible Galaxy brand. Samsung Gear S3 is a device designed to satisfy the most adventurous users. Proposals for this week are 3, and refer to Gear S3 Travel , Gear S3 Outdoor  and Gear S3 Sports.

New skins and new features available for Samsung S3 Sports Gear

Samsung Gear S3 Travel

Travel Gear S3 Watchface represents a range of customized products that add ad-hoc capabilities to travelers and business-man working offsite. The new layout is quite interesting, and aims with contextual on-screen reference to two time zones customizable. Beside these first added, moreover, you can also find the basic information for the evaluation of the temperature and the local currency, as well as a quick link to the map, which also shows the distance traveled.

A theme enhanced by the possibility of choosing the color output that you like, to be chosen from the 4 default proposals.


Samsung Gear S3 Outdoor

Samsung releases interesting proposals customization addressed to all users S3 Gear smartwatch

Gear S3 Outdoor Watchface, however, it is proposed as an indispensable tool for those who lead an outdoor life and love to go hiking or long solitary walks. Thanks to this new skin, will be virtually impossible to get lost. Thanks to the new design you can get all the information you need, up to the altitude route details. There are, among other things, data from the heart rate sensor and also a stop watch and a speedometer always at hand.

What’s more, you can obtain contextual information on the remnant of your battery, the light level, the times of sunrise and sunset, the time and even barometric data. The new theme, finally, offers the ability to customize the layout according to four predefined color schemes.

Gear S3 Sport Watchface finally integrates what are the functions already seen with skin Outdoor

Samsung Gear S3 Sports

Gear S3 Sport Watchface finally integrates what are the functions already seen with skin Outdoor and adds additional color ranges to customize at will the layout of your smartwatch. It has, in particular, the functions integrated gesture to single-tap and double-tap, which allow quick access to specific functions.

Besides the first infographics information about the features and specifications of these new Watchface, Samsung has also released new video where they illustrates the improvements achieved by the use of the new features. You can download the new products directly from the Galaxy App Store. Follow us on facebook to get all the news of the week on Samsung technology.


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