Samsung Gear smartwatch get the biometric sensor

The company Samsung has always gone further than its competitors in the market, and decided to bring real innovations from television to smartphones with the integration of the fingerprinting sensor.

But here it is now focusing on another area, namely that of smartwatch integrating a whole new patent known as Biosignal ID. Unfortunately we do not know how the Korean company is able to integrate biometrics in a wearable device, Samsung Gear smartwatch, perhaps we can see the iris scan , of gestures all personalized that will give way to recognize only the owner authentic.

integrate biometrics in a wearable device

The patent in question is certainly very interesting considering that it is based on an access control system that starts with two processes so as to increase safety. Obviously the level of security is not activated so simply in fact will have to activate certain setting, or it will start automatically when you use specific applications.

We will see this system implemented Biosignal ID on the next wearable device Samsung Orbis, although the patent describes a smartwatch by an aesthetic similar to what is already the market offers so we just have to wait for more details.


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