Rechargeable Cordless Car: How it works

It is in the case of cars with electrical system, which must be recharged as any mobile phone or laptop. Currently several types of connectors (or plugs) are available for electric cars , according to the size of their batteries require more or less load time.

Rechargeable Cordless Car

How it works

The wireless recharge is based on the inductive transmission of energy. Base is placed on the floor, with a coil through which electrical current passes. A receiving plate is located at the bottom of the car.

Rechargeable Cordless Car

There are two types of recharge: static and dynamic.

The static load refers to when the car is not running. Among the brands that have this technology are:

-Fulton Innovation, Nissan, Delphi and WiTricity, with evidence for now.

-Volvo, with bases hidden from view

-Siemens and BMW, in the city of Berlin are performing the tests

Evatran Plugless Power: with the domestic system adapted Chevrolet Volt.

The charging system dynamics is generated when the car is in motion, ie, when turned on.

In these cases, they are still testing pilot in most models, but some already have this technology. The companies that are specializing in this are:

Halo IPT: It is the pioneer in wireless charging is being tested now charging for car racing track in the middle of the circuit.

-Primov, Bombardier, tests on buses that circulate in the bus lane.

-Utah State University, found in research on the coils and as inserts in lanes on public roads.

In the latter case, each car is identified with a code to bill you for the energy consumed.

No information yet on how the dynamic reloading, but it is advantageous, will definitely change the future of transportation.


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