Polaroid Digital Camera with integrated printer

Polaroid Digital Camera with integrated printer
The advent of digital cameras have made it much easier things we could forget about having to buy movies, not having to worry about the number of pictures and we can instantly see if the captured image we like it or not. However, this technology has made our memories are stored in the memories of ls cameras or some hard drive storage.
To re-display those cute moment captured, Polaroid has introduced a digital camera that raises the aesthetic of instant film cameras of the early 1980’s.
With the name of Polaroid Z340, the camera allows the integration of its own printer, which produces prints of 3 × 4 inches obtained through a slot in the front panel. The 2.7-inch screen can be used to preview or editing photos, with options for adding artistic frames before printing.
The printer uses Zink ink technology to avoid problems caused by the ink stains wet, but will need to purchase a special role to recharge the camera. The printer can produce full color photos in 45 seconds.
The camera captures 14-megapixel still images that are stored on an SD card. The company says the battery lasts for 25 prints and 75 catches before needing a recharge.
The Polaroid Z340 is available for $ 300, while 30 sheets of special paper cost $ 20.


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