Oakley Airwave: augmented reality glasses for extreme sports

The goggles are still fighting their place in the affection for augmented reality and if you are a skier, snowboarder or just someone who likes wearing giant glasses and go around in a vehicle, the Oakley Airwave be your dream of the year. This is an augmented reality glasses for extreme sports that have a graphical interface on the display where you can see speed, height taken, map, time, temperature, find mates and even listen to music.

augmented reality glasses for extreme sports

One of the many prides of science fiction is inventing, theoretically and practically, what is called now augmented reality. Just look and draw conclusions about a location is a thing of the past, when we have technological wizards increasingly serve as visual interface installed in front of our eyes. What is at issue, while it evolves day by day, is what will ultimately make the popular format to augmented reality. While many glasses will indicate that mission and others say that there is nothing more powerful now that smartphones, people advocates Recon Instruments shows a first and sports eyewear winter calls Oakley Airwave who is so real, seem science fiction.

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Oakley Airwave augmented reality glasses

The Oakley Airwave are augmented reality glasses whose design and operation is primarily intended for skiers and snowboarders (including extreme sports snow or not). Out of this specificity, the Oakley Airwave have a HUD that draw on the screens called MOD Live and are controlled from a wrist, with which you can make various adjustments to what you see and the type of information displayed on the screen and visual interface, which will be the lenses of your glasses. Among the data you can see, you have the speed at which are moving, the maximum speed reached, the vertical distance, time, battery, connection type, the time we were detached from the ground in a jump and even has a list of music playback, plus teammates to locate both strategies, to rescue or to simply combine presence somewhere in the mountainous terrain.

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You control everything from the wrist

If this description of qualities of Oakley Airwave and Buddy Tracking the video you are not convinced to let you get to save one of these wizards that will transform your seasonal sports session in a Snowboarders 3. $ 600 and you can have a route drawn on the display of your glasses, without interfering with the vision and generating no stranger to physical experience as always. Operation on the strap could be a little better, for example running through voice-or imagine much, I know, capture eye movement. This is basically because in sports like skiing, the chances of going to the wrist in full trip is a bit dangerous, but surely our skiers will manage to, even with a huge field of research, these glasses rest on their walls.


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