The first Nokia with Windows Phone 8 is coming

It will be on September 5 when the curtain rises in Helsinki and Nokia show not only release their first mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, but also that they would become the pioneers in the third generation of the Microsoft platform for smartphones. It already have several clues about how these Nokia with Windows Phone 8 devices could be, but it would be seen whether the Finnish hasten the timing, as it did last year with the premiere of the family Nokia Lumia, hit stores before the end of 2012. In this sense, the operator Verizon U.S. have channeled this issue, noting that their catalog will draw on some of the new devices that will know in a couple of weeks this year.

The first Nokia with Windows Phone 8 will arrive in 2012

So, at least, it is mentioned in a report published by Bloomberg, which also states that with this move, the association between Nokia and Microsoft seek to strengthen relationships with the operators of the United States in order to strengthen the presence of Nokia Lumia and continuing in the terminal to install Windows Phone 8.

And is that the results of the first year of this marriage are not all the fruitful they wished, despite being made of a relatively substantial share of the pie. And to highlight the relatively because the growth of iOS and especially of Android has left little room for that since Nokia and Microsoft will benefit from the forecasts with the market waiting to assault.

The latest rumors about the family that continues to Nokia Lumia indicate that at least the high end of this line, would have a 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. Among the innovations that will have the new operating system includes support for terminal panels in the work to develop high-definition rates.


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