Mistakenly revealed the fantastic of Huawei Watch

Really seems absurd but this is what happened: the image that was found under snaps at Barcelona airport and reveals in advance the new smartwatch, Huawei Watch. No official presentation, no render the web, directly this advertisement that shows us something fantastic. Surely now the surprise is ruined but now keenly awaiting him in our hands.

new smartwatch Huawei Watch

As you can see this is a smartwatch circular dial with elegant design and sophisticated, wearable on all occasions and with three interchangeable straps. You do not know when other details but surely this could be one of the protagonists of the wearable MWC 2015.

Huawei do not think it will stop here and definitely something for us in Serbia. We just have to follow this MWC 2015 hoping that the rest is not revealed in advance mistakenly ruining the surprise!


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