Microsoft Windows 8 will arrive in October

According to a Bloomberg report, that is the month when Microsoft will launch its new operating system for computers, tablets and notebooks. However, since the company has not confirmed nor denied this information.

Windows 8 will arrive in October

Microsoft recently introduced the trial version of this OS called Consumer Preview Windows 8 and it seems, is looking to revolutionize the history when you are fully available to users as it will radically change the interface, to favor touch screens and tablets.

The company plans are confirmed: this operating system will be launched before the end of 2012, specifically before the end of the holiday shopping for the holidays, as it can be assumed.

However, Bloomberg has reported that sources indicate that Microsoft has changed some plans, in fact, brought forward. Yes, and maybe the final version of Windows 8 will be available in late winter in the U.S. (between September and October) to launch officially in the tenth month of the year, along with computers, notebooks, netbooks and tablets.

The tablets with Windows 8 will have ARM processors, used in the iPad, which favor the battery, allow developing devices thinner and emit less heat. Among the companies that sound to be the first to introduce a Windows 8 is Nokia, for its Lumia family of mobile.

The success or otherwise of this operating system will be key to Microsoft, because with the growth of tablets by Apple and Android, is lagging a bit behind in this technological race that adds guns every day. Windows 8 will share all settings to the cloud and its interface will be the highlight for its innovative style and design.

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