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How To Use LG’s G5 And The LG CAM Plus Camera Module

Among the most innovative smartphones that have presented this year you can find LG G5 with its concept of modules or the ability to add accessories to the phone that allow extra functionality. In recent years, the various manufacturers of smartphones have worked a lot on the camera department going to greatly improve the quality of photos and videos even allowing us to replace a simple compact camera for non professional photos.

LG Cam Plus Release Date, Price and Specs

The LG G5 solution to expand the camera functions is the module LG CAM Plus we will see to follow along with the potential of the camera.

Starting with the LG G5 camera can we know that the manufacturer has implemented a dual camera with wide-angle optical 135 degree and the ability to add LG Cam Plus for immediate controls, better grips and a built-in battery so you always have just the most beautiful.

Thanks to the wide angle of 135 degrees implemented by LG will be able to get the best shots without having to give up some details of the landscape that we are immortalizing and that would not be taken up by other sensors.

Among the features implemented we can find:

Picture pop-out allows to frame our photos going to isolate the main subject. It will also be possible to take a picture with both cameras so that you can get a unique which in turn can be framed with fisheye effects, black and white, vignetting or gradient.

LG G5's camera grip offers ease and comfort while you snap pics (hands-on)
With the function Autoshot you can make the perfect selfie no where to touch anything. Thanks to the function of face recognition, as soon as the sensor identify a face posing start on selfies.

There are 9 different filters thanks to the function Film Effect that can be applied before the shot so you can preview the result.

The camera software has also implemented an automated system dedicated to less experienced photographers, while for those more experienced there will be the possibility to manually adjust the various aspects such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and manual adjustment of focus lock and exposure.

LG CAM Plus: turn your smartphone into a camera and longer battery life

Arriving finally at the LG CAM Plus module is what allows us to have as advantages:

Once you hooked you will have additional physical controls to control the ‘ power, shooting, recording videos, and zoom.

LED indicator to check the status of LG CAM Plus

1200 mAh additional battery to get a lot of shots and superior video.

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