Lenovo Yoga 720: we analyze the best-selling laptop

Lenovo Yoga 720: we analyze the best-selling laptop
What is the computer laptop ‘s sold on Amazon? That is the question that thousands of users ask themselves when, sitting in front of the computer keyboard, they set out to find the computer that best suits their needs.

Although choosing portable depends on the specific needs of each person at a given time, it is true that we are increasingly influenced by the opinions of users but also the demand that the product is at a given time in online sales platforms such as Amazon .

If we asked this question right now in Google or look for results in the ecommerce giant itself, the answer would be the Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR . This is a model presented at the Mobile World Congress in 2017, although its good price, the good results it is giving and the versatility of being able to have a PC and 2-in-1 tablet , have made it the best seller in its category one year after.

The most sold laptop have 360 degrees screen

Without a doubt, something that has helped to be the best seller is the versatility of the model, adapting to a fairly broad buyer profile. It is a convertible computer with a 360-degree touch screen that can be a tablet and a PC depending on the occasion. The equipment has a system of hinges that also allows the laptop to rest on itself, which makes it the perfect device to watch movies or enjoy any other multimedia content.

It weighs a little over a kilo and only measures 14.3 mm thick, which makes it a light companion for trips and trips

The size of the screen (13.3 inches) is perfect for traveling although you have to keep in mind that, unlike what happens with other convertibles, it can not be separated from the keyboard.

Another of its great advantages is its lightness. It is true that it is heavier than a conventional tablet-it slightly exceeds the kilo -but only measures 14.3 mm thick , which makes it very convenient to transport.

Good power and an SSD of up to 1 TB

And your processor ? Is it up to its high demand? Everything depends on the use that will be given to the team, but if it is true that it is not the most powerful in the market, it is up to the most capable.

This Lenovo Yoga 720 is powered by processors Intel Core of seventh generation configurations i3, i5 and i7. This means that, for the average user, he has enough power for what he needs. That is, it is sufficiently trained for the most common tasks and according to the experts it will not be slow in web browsing or with several simultaneous processes.

Something that also has to be evaluated very positively is, in addition to the two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt technology , the SSD of up to 1 TB – although the best-selling model is the 256 GB of storage-. This means that the data transfer to this Lenovo will be secure and, above all, fast.

The fingerprint sensor, besides being able to pay in certain places, ensures to log in up to three times faster.

The graphic card is something that also matters to the user who is going to also destine to play, even if sporadically. In this case it must be said that the graphic power is ensured thanks to the NVIDIA GTX1050.

As for the keyboard of the most sold laptop, it is backlit and reminiscent of those presented by Apple. In addition, it has a very precise trackpad and a fingerprint reader that, in addition to being able to pay in certain places, ensures logging into your Lenovo Yoga 720 up to three times faster.

Without leaving the leisure section, the user will also appreciate very positively the pair of JBL speakers that are available and that, according to Lenovo, will help you to enjoy the virtual surround sound of the sound.

A point in favor of the best seller: its Active Pen 2

Another asset of this Lenovo is the possibility of converting it into a digital notebook thanks to its optional Lenovo Active Pen 2. With it you can simply write as you would on a paper or draw if you want to use it much more professionally. This detail has made some have defined it as a 3 in 1 best selling computer, perfect if you are a student and you will alternate leisure at home with its use as a lifelong notebook.

This Lenovo best seller is available in three colors : gray, silver and copper, and if there are no last minute surprises, it has all the ballots to become one of the star gifts this Christmas.


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