The new iPhone 5S convex Home button

The fingerprint sensor will have the iPhone 5S is one of the most frequently mentioned rumors among the people. In September will be held the keynote of Apple where it will be two new products: the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. In this note we will discuss the latter and a feature that will differentiate it from the rest.

Much has been said about where would the fingerprint sensor and it seems the Home button will be responsible for contain the function and it does not have the same characteristics as the previous equipment.

Ming-Chi Ku, an analyst known for exposing accurate predictions about new Apple product launch, says the Home button on the new iPhone 5S will have a convex sapphire cover that will contain the fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint sensor will have the iPhone 5S

Sapphire cover present this new button avoid any scratches that could cause performance problems. For this reason, this cover will ensure the smooth operation of the sensor at all times.

The convex Home button will be a big change for Apple iPhone and so far, Home buttons were concave. This new Button leave sufficient space to install the sensor underneath.

Home Button in iPhone presented today, could not contain the sensor or its installation would be very complicated because of its space delimited by the surrounding components like microphone or speaker.

The implementation of this new button will be something strange. First you can swipe uncomfortable by it. And secondly, how related cause a loss of compensation on the stability of the team, i.e. to leave the device on a table looking down, would not be fully supported on the table by the large button that will.


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