New images of the iPhone 5 screen leaked on internet

New images of the iPhone 5 screen

New clues on the iphone 5 pictures, four-inch screen of iPhone 5 and details of its front camera have been revealed. That’s what the video reveals that filters iphone5 parts dot net site. Is a sequence in which compares the… Continue Reading


Android vs Windows Phone vs iOS mobile platforms

The most direct competitor is iOS Android, the operating system of the iPhone

It’s no secret that Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms and valued by users. The green robot operating system is present in many smartphones and tablets and it is no coincidence that many manufacturers choose this platform… Continue Reading


The gadget and software for healthcare

Wii Fit Plus can burn calories and above all

These gadgets and software for healthcare can help you in every moment of your lives, as well as when you want to exercise and look good. Some healthcare device even serve to prevent or detect diseases early and to live… Continue Reading


Turn your iPhone into a tape recorder

Tascam IM2 integrates two condenser microphones

Thanks to a device that is added on top of the phone call Tascam iM2, you have a professional audio recorder without using another device, just your iPhone. Although the applications store, App Store has several apps for recording voice… Continue Reading


Three new Viewphones for MWC 2012

At the top of the line is the Viewphone 4s

Contributions from ViewSonic for the Mobile World Congress revolve around three new smartphones, some of which could be considered entry level. At the top of the line is the Viewphone 4s  which has a screen 3.5-inch IPS LCD with resolution… Continue Reading