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Intel Iris Pro desktop CPU Devil’s Canyon

Intel is one of the main sponsors of the Game Developer Conference that was held these days in San Francisco, taking advantage of their status and have made a presentation with good news. They are products intended to be a short-term market, although the hope of going into the second half. Broadwell New data and a new “Devil’s Canyon“.

Devil's Canyon with DDR4 and improved overclocking

Broadwell, the new microarchitecture that hit the market under the name of 5th Gen. Intel Core, Intel intends to bring them to market in the second half of the year is confirmed. The most interesting thing revealed at GDC have is that GPU will Broadwell Iris Pro on desktop versions, which will match their struggle with AMD APU so well behaved at the visuals. Did I hear Steam Machines?

In addition, taking advantage of the twentieth anniversary of the Pentium brand, Intel has confirmed the launch of Intel ‘Pentium’ processor unlocked for overclocking. Let one of these models ‘K’ a priori not have impact beyond the longing that we have.

Devil’s Canyon with DDR4 and improved overclocking

Devil’s Canyon is the second development and its impact may be greater. Without specifying whether this is the new definition of Haswell-E, under the code name refers to the next generation of Intel Core ‘Extreme’, typically the higher-end product processors.

Intel Iris Pro That’s “Devil’s Canyon”

They claim compatibility with DDR4 and the use of more efficient end portions, the latter an issue that many users have criticized in recent generations. With Devil’s Canyon Intel looking to win back the trust of the most enthusiastic users and thereby also partly to launch an 8 CPU cores and 16 threads. This new? Family also hit the market during the second half of 2014.

Good news, although distant in time pose assure us that the new generation of Intel chips will bring significant changes. The downside is that to know them thoroughly we have no more to expect from the month of June.

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