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HP Scanjet 300 The High Resolution Scanner With Cloud Access

HP has introduced a new line of Scanjet scanner. It is a simple device for scanning documents that says to have improved its speed limit to scan a photo in high resolution (200 dpi) in ten seconds and a full page in just eleven seconds.

The HP Scanjet 300 is controlled by a single physical button that calls the default scanning macro you have imposed. Among the possibilities is setup to send the documents directly to the cloud or to an email address.

HP Scanjet 300 The High Resolution Scanner With Cloud and email Access

The device reduces to a minimum format capable of holding an A4 sheet. A sum portability is the ability to directly feed wire USB, eliminating the need to carry additional wires or power supply.

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The Scanjet 300 is available at a price of 199 USD or 79 Euros. Hits stores with a younger brother, with poorer resolution and a more reasonable price, the Scanjet 200. Where Scanjet 300 scans up to 4800 × 4800, the S200 makes a 2400×4800. The price of this second scan is 89 USD or 69 Euros.

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