Google team working on Android version of Virtual Reality

I do not think the news is going to surprise anyone, Google has – or try to – an Android prepared to be in every thing to imagine. On the way we met with Android Auto, TV, or Wear, now it’s the turn of the Virtual Reality.

Each of these paths has tried to get as much shine as phones, but for now do not enjoy much success in the market, or are too young to determine whether projects will be triumphant. Wall Street Journal is in charge of telling that Google has a team working on a version of Android, specifically to deal with the Virtual Reality.

Google has a team working on a version of Android , specifically to deal with the Virtual Reality

A relatively small team working at it from the point of view of a platform, with its specific operating system and development tools. We have already seen that the idea of the hull liked, with devices like Cardboard or View-Master.

It is a reality that arises very active year with regard to helmets and technologies related to virtual and augmented reality. Oculus Rift, HTC lives, or the hull of Sony, it seems that the proposals are more liking among those who have been able to try them in person.

As we can understand from the leaks, this is a different path than was raised with augmented reality of Google Glass, this is a side project. Possibly end up having a presentation at the next Google I/O 2015.


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