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Google shut down its service Buzz

Google is now finally ready to finish his much-maligned Buzz service. This heramienta will end in the next few weeks Google announced last Friday by a message on its official blog.

Google shut down its service Buzz

The service takes only 20 months old and is destined to remain as Google failed brand have created a social networking site to be the main competitor Facebook. The company now focuses all its tools Plus, the new service who left the firm three months ago and that it was socially acceptable, but can not be number one as Facebook.

Buzz first system was inconvenient for the way in which he linked with Google email service. After being activated, this tool will automatically create diverse social circles that exposed users most used Gmail contacts and all people had access to unlimited information.

This is what started a series of investigations by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, which then had to chide the company for violating its own privacy measures and for attacking the user, and finally Google has decided to end with this service and dismiss him to remain in memory only.

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