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Gateway and security camera all in one: Xiaomi security camera that also controls home gadgets

Xiaomi announces a security camera that also controls home gadgets
There are product ranges in which Xiaomi already has more than a dozen of them in the market. Some of them are headphones or mobile phones, but security cameras are another of Xiaomi’s specialties. The last one that they have launched to the market not only can be placed easily on any metallic surface, but also serves as a gateway to control all the smart devices of the home.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera G2

This camera, the Aqara Smart Camera G2 (Gateway Edition) has a magnetic base , thanks to which we can place it on any metal surface, like the door of a refrigerator. In addition, it includes a metal plate with 3M sticker to be able to place it in any position that we want.

In terms of image quality, we find a Full HD 1080p resolution thanks to its 2 MP sensor , which also has night vision thanks to eight infrared lights of 940 nm with a range of up to 8 meters away. It has a viewing angle of 140 degrees, compensating for the fact that it can not be rotated.

Another of the most interesting peculiarities of this camera is that it has ZigBee 3.0 connectivity to make Gateway with all the smart gadgets of Xiaomi home, such as temperature sensors. As regards WiFi, it is only compatible with the 2.4 GHz band. It is possible to store the recorded images in the SD, in the cloud, or in the NAS. It has intelligent alarm mode to avoid false positives.

It also supports Mijia to create intelligent scenes

Xiaomi announces a security camera that also controls home gadgets
The camera has compatibility with Mijia, which implies that it is compatible with voice control and with the integration of the Xiaomi AI to create intelligent scenes and other functions. For example, we can see the camera in real time on the mobile through the app or play videos. In the application you can also send short videos of up to 15 seconds to the family by pressing the button of the camera itself for three seconds.

Its price is 249 RMB, about 33 euros to change, and will be on sale next March 26. While it is not the cheapest camera of Xiaomi, it is one of the smartest that have been released to the market. The only one sold officially in Spain is the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 for 39.99 euros , which is also rotatable 360, along with a 1080p version compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

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