First tests for Fusion Drive, seems to keep the promises

Fusion Drive is a feature that arouses curiosity and can not wait to try to determine whether the statements made by Apple in terms of performance are not just a mere promotional message. The first tests carried out, however, seem to establish the good faith of Cupertino.

The tests were conducted by the YouTube channel Techfast Lunch & Dinner on the new Mac mini, which is also configurable with Fusion Drive. The model with this mode was compared with another mini of current generation but with simple mechanical hard drive 5400 rpm.

Fusion io Drive, seems to keep the promises

Since the beginning, the balance is for Fusion Drive: 15.7 seconds compared to 34.1 of the hard drive only. Even for the operations of reading and writing there has been history, since the software mode hybrid presented peaks of 400 and 300 MB per second respectively, while the traditional drive has stopped at 100 MB / s approx. Quite similar results have also been reported by Ars Technica in a short test. Fusion Drive Sign seems to be good at this work, taking advantage of the available units as appropriate. Recall that it is not a single drive hybrid as those of Seagate, for example: are a mechanical hard drive and an SSD separated, then united at logic level from the operating system into a single unit. Operating system and applications are always loaded on the solid state, while the rest goes to the bigger hard drive. A portion of the SSD is also used as a cache for the retrieved data more frequently, so as to load them quickly. The argument made here applies to the Mac mini, iMac but obviously there are higher expectations. Difference in the approach to be emphasized Fusion Drive for the all-in-one Apple is using NAND flash memory instead of the SSD, a solution aimed at containment of internal parts and used already in the Air and the Pro Retina.

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At this point, the curiosity to try it increases more and more, and hopes to do so as soon as possible, to have our say and investigate the speech, however, since it is still early tests, which will surely follow the most comprehensive analysis to specialized sites. We will not fail to bring you further developments on Fusion Drive, noting particularly any attempts to release as those that have already occurred a few days ago on Mac and unity is not officially supported by functionality.


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