FUHU next to Toys R Us have a tablet for the kids

The developer of applications and Web 2.0 properties Fuhu has partnered with Toys R Us to offer a tablet designed specifically for children.

FUHU next to Toys R Us have a tablet for the kids
Under the name of Nabi and with a 7 inch screen, this device provides a user interface aimed at children to surf the Internet, watch movies and TV shows, view reading books, learn and play. And here the good, mothers can enter a password and use the device as a fully functional Android tablet.
The design Nabi portal includes pre-loaded with 30 applications for drawing and painting. It also comes with 30 e-books pre-loaded for children. For learning, the tablet has access to children Fooz University, a site with more than 22,000 standard mathematical skills that range from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. There are also up to 500 children oriented applications and smaller games that can be purchased at the online store App Store Nabi.
FUHU next to Toys R Us have a tablet for the kids
While the device is targeted at children it’s not a toy. Its screen delivers a resolution of 800 × 480, there is a modern ARM Cortex-A9 processor dual core at 533 MHz and SGX530 PowerVR graphics core integrated 3D games.
It also has Wi-Fi, integrated 4 GB storage and a 1.3 megapixel front camera that plays video in 1080p. Its battery provides a maximum time of 5 hours of continuous use.
The Nabi is now available at Toys R Us for pre-order for $ 199. The delivery device is scheduled for November 22.


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