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Fined for creating a fake profile on Badoo

Would you like someone else to open an account on a social network using your name and personal information? Obviously not. And that’s what happened to a client who saw a profile on Badoo was using his name, his photo and even his phone number. He then decided to report on the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), who has decided to fine the person who created this fake account with 2,000 euros for impersonation. A story that leaves a little easier for those who fear for their identity in social networks.

Fined for creating a fake profile on Badoo

To find the responsible for this usurpation of the personality, the AEPD has had the help of Internet service provider. This shows once again how everything we do online is recorded in one way or another, so that the impunity of those who use the Internet to commit crimes is part of the past. Although we did not know it, in everything we do we trace.

The complainant was decided to seek help in the AEPD after several men called to the phone after having consulted on Badoo profile, a profile that she had never created.

The usurper was not limited to put his name and photo, but had hung on the social network even your private data.

In the message that was created with this account was an offer of false sexual men between 22 and 40 years for men and around Madrid, which shows a clear intention to do harm by the offender.

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