E-Citroen 3pod Antistatic, an electric vehicle with 3 wheels

tricycle electrical Royal College of Art

The manufacturer Citroen has recently organized a competition in the Royal College of Art, England. The competition named “Double Challenge” was to create revolutionary vehicle concepts very worn on the concepts of ecology and design for the future.

Heikki Juvonen has emerged victorious thanks to its concept E-3pod Antistactic. This is a look at the vehicle from elsewhere, with three wheels and carrying a 100% electric motor. In other words, the vehicle corresponds perfectly to the expectations of the French firm. Two wheels are placed at the front and rear, we are entitled to a third wheel, larger and extending into the cockpit. This unconventional three-wheeler has only one place. E-3pod Antistatic is sort of halfway between a motorcycle and a car. The vehicle is more agile and can look to better negotiate the turns.

E-Citroen 3pod Antistatic an electric vehicle with 3 wheels

Only downside apparent, this should not be easy to drive with a portion of the rear wheel that obstructs the driver’s vision. After winning the competition on British soil, Heikki Juvonen won a six month PSA Design Centre in Paris.


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