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Desktop accessory for tablet devices

iHome iDM5 makes your Tablet a full desktop and is more than likely fall in love with it, by design more interesting and above all the value that can be given. It has a keyboard and a physical platform to place the tablet in a vertical or horizontal, and can enjoy the entire screen.

Desktop accessory for tablet devices

Accessories for tablets surprise the market every day and something for all tastes and utilities. iHome iDm5 is of those gadgets that you want to buy insurance if you have a touch device, especially if you use it very often. It offers instead a very good flexibility and convenience to use it on the table and build a perfect desktop.

This accessory is perfect for not having to use space on the keyboard panel, which draws much room, but not processed in a bulky tablet PC, simply makes it more functional and easy to manipulate and use it longer without getting tired of pressing on glass.

It comes with a physical keyboard and USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5 mm audio input and extra speaker to enjoy the best music at full volume. This home gadget is now available for a price of $ 103 will cost a bit steep but worth it for the benefits it offers.

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